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“As I Am” with Brandon Marshall
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“As I Am” with Brandon Marshall

Raquel Marie of the Fashion League Styles recently had an opportunity to sit down with former NFL wide receiver and the Founder of “I Am Athlete”, Brandon Marshall.. 

Purpose + Passion = Progression 

From the field to foundational success, Brandon Marshall has paved the way for our culture. As he currently leads generations with true inspiration and passion, the founder and key panelist of I Am Athlete, is a force to be reckoned with. 

In Marshall’s recent interview, Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles asked: “How important is it to utilize the platform you have to inspire others?” 

“Not everyone is meant to lead, some are meant to follow… A lot of times we think that since we have a platform, we need to speak up on certain things… You need to find your purpose, your passion and you need to sit right there…” – Brandon Marshall

In addition to Marshall’s response, he emphasized the importance of platforms being utilized responsibly… 

“It’s important to use your platform but be responsible with it. Even if you’re a pro athlete… that doesn’t mean you have to give your opinion on everything. We want educated, and informed conversations in our community, more now than ever.”  

Brandon Marshall

As I Am

Every athlete has their own uniqueness that separates them from the others. In our next segment, Marshall peeled back the layers and gave insight into his style… 

“I call my attire and the inspiration of it is, ‘Corporate Street’. I can walk in the room with whatever I’m wearing, and sit down with people who are running Fortune 500 companies or I can go back to my neighborhood and I’m respected and I fit in. So I call it ‘Corporate Street’ and that’s important because I never switch up no matter what rooms I’m in. If I’m sitting down working on a multimillion, multiyear deal with an audio platform or linear platform, I show up As I Am.”  – Brandon Marshall

{#FACTS} : Did you know that On December 13, 2009, Marshall set an NFL record for receptions in a game with 21?

Keys to Success

Brandon Marshall wraps up our interview by expressing the importance of mental health and his 5 pillars of how to become the best version of yourself… 

  1. Work out  – “We were born to move…” 
  1. How we fuel“What you put in your body matters, that’s 70% of it.” 
  1. Mental Fitness“Whether dealing with impairment or performance, you need to have a plan. Mental health matters and your brain matters.”
  1. Recover “Some of us don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water…, we have to hone in on those fundamentals.”
  1. Tribe“I’ve never seen a pro athlete make it to the top without a team around them so you have to make sure you have a nice tribe around you, that could be 2 or 3 people.”

 “So those 5 things are my keys to success for life!”  – Brandon Marshall

{#FACTS} : Did you know that Brandon Marshall has been nicknamed “The Beast” during his NFL Career? 

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