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  “Captured” with Cassy Athena
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  “Captured” with Cassy Athena

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles recently went behind the lens with NBA’s professional photographer Cassy Athena.

The beauty of photography extends through eternity. Without it, we wouldn’t have access to experiences or the makings of others. In our recent interview with the one and only Cassy Athena, Raquel Marie went behind the lens and asked:

“As a photographer in the sports industry, how have you seen fashion transition?” 

“When I started shooting during the lockout in 2011, the only thing I had access to was the off season, I couldn’t shoot the games. One thing that came to mind was the player’s fashion and their sneakers…At that time people weren’t really interested as far as mainstream media but it’s always been such a huge thing with the players and something they’re passionate about. In the last 10-12 years, I’ve seen the growth of everybody…how these guys aren’t just hoopers, they’re really into fashion, they’re rock stars, creatives, and artists…It’s a long answer but I’ve just seen the evolution so much and I love seeing it.” – Cassy Athena.

{FACTs} : Did you know that Cassy Athena’s work has been published in Sports Illustrated, Billboard, NBA, Jordan Brand, and other leading mainstream companies?

“Cassy Athena”…Period

Watermarking your work is a must for any photographer or creative. During our interview with Athena, she elaborates on how she took that stamp and turned into a statement… 

“I put my watermark on all of my photos to protect it when I’m on the internet. Someone made a joke saying that “You should make shirts with your watermark on it so the people who don’t get your photos can have your watermark.” So I printed a few out and everybody thought it was a weird idea. The high school players I started with loved it and next thing you know, the NBA players, college and celebrity players loved it and started rocking it. Now it’s become this thing where people in the fashion world and basketball world have merged…” – Cassy Athena

“I actually have a designer that I hire and we do everything very nice, good material, labels and details.”  – Cassy Athena

{FACTs} : Cassy Athena loves the details of fashion! She enjoys the creative process and basketball. She’s in the middle of experiencing both, and believes it’s fun.

Captured Views

There’s nothing like having a true passion for what you do! If the love isn’t there, are you really working towards success? In our next question, Raquel Marie asked: 

“What advice would you give an aspiring photographer who wants to break into the industry?”

“I would say first and foremost, you have to fall in love with your craft! You have to genuinely love shooting because of the amount of work that goes with any job, especially photography…You gotta love the whole process, and I feel like if people really focus on finding something they love to shoot in any field … it’ll make it so much easier to grow.” – Cassy Athena

Cassy Athena tops off our interview with expressing the love she has for Fashion League Styles mission…

“I love what you guys are doing! I love the fact that you guys are showing a different side of the players and letting them express themselves in a positive way and creative way. That helps bring more positive attention to everything, the culture, the fashion, and the sports so I appreciate you guys…” – Cassy Athena

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