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“Simple and Stylish” with Danuel House Jr.
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“Simple and Stylish” with Danuel House Jr.

Vann Styles had the opportunity to chop it up with Danuel House Jr. of the Houston Rockets about his journey through the NBA and how his fashion sense evolved. 

Kicking Things Off

Growing up as a teenager, Danuel wore uniforms 10 of the 12 years in grade school. When it came to setting himself apart fashion wise, he did so with his ‘kicks’. Not only did Danuel know the game of basketball, he knew the game of when to rock his new shoes vs. everyone else. At that moment, Danuel began taking his shoe game seriously. 

“As you get older, you start putting pieces together, your body grows and you meet new people. You see and try new things, then next thing you know …… Boom!“ – Danuel House Jr. 

It’s the Vibe for Me

One of Danuel’s first designer pieces was a Ferragamo belt. In that time, Gucci and Louis Vuitton oversaturated the industry and Danuel wanted to be unique, sporting another high end brand. As he continued flourishing in the NBA, his sense of style thrived as well. When it came to fashion, House mentioned that he dressed based off his mood. In addition to his mood, he has a great eye for piecing colors together and making them work .  

“Ever since I started dressing myself, I dress off my mood… I’m a moody dresser, that’s what draws my ambition…”  – Danuel House Jr. 

Yep, in My White Tee

Danuel has the ability to take a simple piece of clothing and bring it to life. He quotes, “You can never go wrong with a white tee or a black tee….. It goes with EVERYTHING!” Being from Houston,TX  also played a role within in Danuel’s style. He reminisced on the time he wore blue jean overalls that gave off a country boy vibe. With him being 6’8, shopping wasn’t easy but nonetheless, he managed to always come through with stylish outfits. His favorite brand is Kollar Clothing based in Toronto, Canada. He stated that he really likes their pants and the styles they provide.\

What’s Next ?

House mentioned that he has a few drip tricks up his sleeve for the upcoming season and ensures that it’ll be a fun year. Instagram profile @dk2house. 

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