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“For the Culture” with Quinn Cook
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“For the Culture” with Quinn Cook

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles recently had the pleasure of speaking with two time NBA Champion, Quinn Cook of the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions.

Style recognizes style, and we all know that Quinn Cook wears it with ease.  During our interview with the rising legend, Raquel Marie was determined to find out what makes Him well crafted… 

“When it comes to your fashion, what makes you exquisite?” 
“I’m simple, I don’t do too much. I’m from PG County so you know we’ve been doing fashion… the world has just been two steps behind us.” – Quinn Cook

Steppin’ Out

Speaking of the world being 2 steps behind… Raquel Marie asked:

“How are you staying ahead of the game: fashion wise?”

“I don’t force it, whatever I’m feeling I’ll throw on. I’m comfortable, but when it’s time to step out how I’m supposed to…I step out. – Quinn Cook

{FACTs} : Did you know that Quinn Cook became nationally known to basketball fans when he helped Duke win the 2015 men’s college basketball championship?

Hits Different… 

During Cook’s interview, I discovered that regardless of where he plans to go, his vibe determines the outfit…

“Depending on how I’m feeling… I like wearing jewelry so I’ll wear black because the jewelry for me, hits differently on black and white…”  – Quinn Cook

{FACTs} : Did you know that Quinn Cook has won 2 NBA Championship rings? One with the Golden State Warriors in 2018 and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020? 

Put on for D.C

In the majority of our interviews, we always explore the idea of the athlete’s favorite brand. In our next point, Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles, went behind the seam and discovered a brand that Cook rocks faithfully …

“My pantas Mo and G, I wear their brand a lot. It’s a Black Owned business from D.C., The “Museum” is really what I rock. – Quinn Cook 

Catch Cook’s favorite’s here…

Supporting Culture & Style 

For individuals who have a platform that reaches the multitudes of others, what you represent and who you support are key factors… Towards the end of our interview with Cook, Raquel Marie peeled back the layers and asked: 

“How important is it to support black owned businesses, especially ….having your platform?”

“It’s everything! The struggles black people in general have to go through but also owners of black businesses, workers and entrepreneurs…I know the struggle of being an entrepreneur myself, so anytime I can support any business but especially black owned, I try to go as hard as possible.” – Quinn Cook 

Wrapping up, Cook encourages everyone to follow him on instagram @qcook323 and to be on the lookout for more. 

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