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“Just Chill ” with Jaden McDaniels
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“Just Chill ” with Jaden McDaniels

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles caught up with First Round Draft pick Jaden McDaniels of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Kick {Appeal}

The young and energetic Jaden McDaniels is breaking through the woodworks with his style. When it comes to getting ready, he literally builds his outfit from ground up. In our recent interview with McDaniels, Raquel Marie asked:

“What goes in to how you get dressed?” 

“For me, I start with the kicks… I like to match, so i’ll have some type of black kicks and then shorts or pants on. I just go with whatever, so today I felt like a Burberry type of day.”  – Jaden McDaniels

“When it comes to tunnel fits, what’s your usual go to?” 

“Tunnel fits for me are chill, more like sweat suits and cozy vibes . I’ll wear Amiri Jeans or street wear, those types of vibes.” – Jaden McDaniels

Top 3 Brands 

“It’s a brand from Seattle, WA called “Go Vintage”. I f**k with Amiri and I would also probably say Undefeated.” – Jaden McDaniels

In addition to McDaniels top brands, he mentioned that jewelry was his signature piece…  

“I mess with jewelry… I gotta have my watch and stuff on all of the time.” – Jaden McDaniels

Steppin’ out the Box

In order for anyone to make improvements and reach new heights, they first have to get out of their comfort zone. In the closing of our interview McDaniels indicated that we can expect versatility from him in the 2022-2023 season…

“What can we expect from you this upcoming season?” 
“I’ll get more versatile rather than just wearing street wear. I’ll try some suits and some other things I’m not uncomfortable with.” – Jaden McDaniels 

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