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“No Limitations” with Jonathan Isaac
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“No Limitations” with Jonathan Isaac

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles had the pleasure of speaking with First Round Draft pick, Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic

Just You

Everyone has their own idea of how they want people to view or stamp their style. In my opinion, the best advice anyone can give someone for showing up and standing out is simple:Be You! In our interview with Jonathan Isaac, Raquel Marie asked : 

“When it comes to fashion, what stands out to you the most?” 

“What stands out to me the most is just being different. I think everybody has their own style and it’s unique. Just play off who you are and express yourself.” – Jonathan Isaac

{FACTs} : Did you know that Jonathan Isaac was an ordained Minister? 


The cool thing about fashion is you can play around with it. Yes…we have certain styles for seasons but essentially, you can do and wear as you please. In the midst of our interview, Raquel Marie asked Isaac

“What makes you unique?”

“When it comes to fashion, I like to try different stuff. For instance, I have purple  corduroy cargos on and a lot of my stuff is custom, so I like to have fun with it.”                Jonathan Isaac

Coming from a woman who stands at 5 feet and 5inches, interviewing a professional athlete who’s skyscraping at 7 foot tall, I had to ask : 

“Is it challenging finding clothes that run in your size or do you get everything customized?” 

“It was really hard when I was growing up. My mom struggled to help us with getting stuff but now I’m able to get the things I want, so yea a lot of my clothes are custom.”      Jonathan Isaac

“Judah Collection” 

Being creative has NO limitations. The great thing about creating something from scratch is that it’s done with purpose and the creation is essentially your own. In the closing of our interview with Isaac, he encourages us to stay tuned: 

“Do you have anything sitting on ice?” 

I’m working on my own collection right now. It’s called the “Judah Collection”, which is my middle name. So I rock a lot of “Judah” gear, that’s about it so stay tuned!”    – Jonathan Isaac

{FACTs} : Did you know that Jonathan Isaac has his own faith based foundation called the “Judah Nation”?

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