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“Precision” with Precious Achiuwa 
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“Precision” with Precious Achiuwa 

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles, recently interviewed with NBA’s 2020 First Round Draft Pick, Precious Achiuwa of the Toronto Raptors.

Outside The Lines

What separates individuals from others, is simply what’s done differently. That can mean constructing things from ground up or taking one item and transforming it into another. In our recent chat with Precious Achiuwa, Raquel Marie went behind the seam with the Nigerian basketball star… 

“With fashion playing a key role in the sports industry, tell us what goes into your look?”  

“For me, it’s just the creativity! I like to pull things together from scratch and play around with colors, different designs, styles and all that kind of stuff. It’s what I enjoy doing outside of basketball so I’m just having fun with it.” – Precious Achiuwa 

{FASHION FACT} : In addition to going behind the seam with Achiuwa, did you know that he had the names of his whole family stitched inside of his draft day blazer? 

Nkume Pel = Pearls

As the journalist for Fashion League Styles, I always look for what pops out on any outfit. During the interview with Achiuwa, I noticed a unique layer of pearls surrounding his neck and inquired if that was a new wave for the fellas…

“It’s something to be different! A lot of guys wear heavy iced out chains, and nothing is wrong with that but for me, it’s just something different to add to my flavor and my creativity.” – Precious Achiuwa 

Dripped Out

9 times out of 10, when someone rocks an outfit with complete swag and style, it’s noted as drip. In our next question with Achiuwa, Raquel Marie asked…

“What can we be expecting from you in reference to tunnel fits or stepping out?“

“I’m just a drippy person, I can’t really say it any other way. I’m drippy, I stay drippy, that’s it. The only time I’m not drippy is when I’m asleep.” – Precious Achiuwa 

{FASHION FACT} : Did you know that Precious Achiuwa signed a multi-year, international shoe endorsement deal with ANTA in 2021? 

“Watch Me…”

Now let’s be honest, just because someone plays in the league, doesn’t make them a fashion icon. Some may seek a stylist, others may source the internet, and then there’s that small percentage who develop the gift style naturally. In the conclusion of our interview with Achiuwa, Raquel Marie asked : 

“Is there any advice you would like to share with any arising athletes or returning athletes in regards to fashion?”

“Watch me, that’s it!” – Precious Achiuwa 

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