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“Styl{ish} & Simplistic” with Ish Wainwright “
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“Styl{ish} & Simplistic” with Ish Wainwright “

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles recently had a sit down with the American-Ugandan star player, Ishmail Wainwright of the Phoenix Suns.

The Kansas City, Missouri native, Ishmail Wainwright a.k.a “Ish” has broken barriers overseas and is now dominating within the NBA. In his recent interview with Fashion League Styles, Wainwright shared what fashion meant to him… 

“It’s crazy because I never looked into fashion growing up. I was always a Nike tech, sweat pants, or all white forces and white tee guy. If you go to Kansas City, Missouri, that’s all you’re going to see…Once I got to the league, I saw young guys like Jalen Green and others coming into the game with some style, but I’m more of the casual type.” – Ish Wainwright

Simplicity is Key

After scanning the style meter on Wainright, I noticed that simplicity played a key role but projected a huge statement. In Ish’s next response, he unraveled layers and the mode to his fashion…

“I like simple things and everyone knows that I like sweatshirts. I don’t care if it’s hot or cold, I’ll wear a sweatshirt. I’ve always been a Jordan One’s type of person, but now I like Dunks and everyone likes Dunks…that’s the style. And then I always have some type of Nike shorts on…” Ish Wainwright 

{FACTs} : Did you know that Ishmail Wainwright is the grandson of former NBA player, Maurice King? 

Hoochie Daddy’s

Every single day, there’s a new trend of fashion being introduced. Some I’m aware of and others I have no clue about! In the midst of interviewing Wainwright, he put me on game about the new wave of “Hoochie Daddy’s”  …

Raquel Marie: “So this is my first time hearing the term, “Hoochie Daddy’s” please fill me in, lol…”

“Hoochie Daddy’s are shorts above the knee… I have leg tattoos and a lot of people who wear Hoochie Daddy shorts don’t even have tattoos and that’s something you gotta have…Ish Wainwright 

{FACTs} : Did you know that Ishmail Wainwright played college basketball and football for the Baylor Bears

Collabs Brewing…

In the closing of our interview Wainwright, encourages us to be on the lookout for future collaborations…

“There are a few things brewing up so keep your eyes open. A couple of collabs are coming soon.”Ish Wainwright 

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