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“Tapped In” with Tyler Herro
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“Tapped In” with Tyler Herro

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles recently tapped in with First Round Draft Pick, Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat. 


Tyler Herro a.k.a T-Herro has dominated the Fashion Industry within these last two years. Although he’s known for heating things up on the court, he’s also recognized for his fervor in fashion.

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles asked T-Herro: “What’s behind the making of your style?”

“Just being myself, I feel like clothes and fashion can portray your image and how you  move and what you do, so I put my effort into it and do my thang” – Tyler Herro

Tailored to Perfection 

There aren’t many individuals who can rock an old school look and still give a modern feel within the same outfit. Proof to our eyes, Herro expressed how he did just that in the midst of a moment, walking us through his outfit for the day…

“I just woke up and needed some black pants, so I went and bought these. I already had the pink shirt and then the converse and you can’t forget the shades, so I was trying to go for the old school look.” – Tyler Herro

{FASHION FACT} : Did you know that Tyler Herro was awarded Sports Illustrated Best Dressed Athlete of Year in 2021?

When it comes to any clothing brand, does the name really matter? Or is it about the tailor and texture that gets you going ? Oftentimes we can get caught up in the popularity of a name and tend to dismiss other brands that feel and fit just as good! 

In our next question, Raquel Marie asked T-Herro: “What are your top brands?

“Honestly, I don’t have any brands that I focus on. Anything that catches my eye is what I really tune in to. I don’t pay attention to the brand in regards to what it looks like, more so the material and stuff like that.” – Tyler Herro

{FASHION FACT} : Speaking of brands, did you know that Tyler Herro has his own collaboration with Hudson Jeans called Tyler Herro x Hudson?

The Transformation

Raquel Marie unraveled the next question by asking Herro: As growing up looking at the NBA, how have you seen the fashion industry transform within the League? 

“I think as time goes on and more players get into the league, people are really starting to focus on fashion and what they wear. Players are beginning to take their tunnel fits seriously and it’s almost just as important as the game ….You just gotta put it on and look good!” – Tyler Herro

T-Herro topped off our interview with advice for those coming up in the game… 

“As far as fashion, be yourself, be secure, wear whatever you want and don’t let people judge you.” – Tyler Herro 

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