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“The Embodiment” with P.J. Tucker 

“The Embodiment” with P.J. Tucker 

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles recently went “Behind the Seam” with Power Forward and Center of the Philadelphia Sixers , P.J. Tucker

Beyond Measure 

Anthony Leon “P.J. Tucker Jr. is one who is recognized for setting the tone of fashion within the sports industry. Throughout his journey of playing in the league, the evolution of his fashion speaks volumes and is beyond measure! 

In our recent interview, Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles asked Tucker : “When it comes to fashion, what makes you who you are ?

“There’s so much that goes into it, where I’m from, what I love, what I do, my day to day life and the stuff I see. I think all that stuff inspires fashion and your own fashion. Everybody has their own sense of style and what they like and I think when you see other things that you like, you incorporate them all to make your own style.” – P.J. Tucker 

{#FACTS} : Did you know that “P.J.”  was a nickname given to Tucker by his father that stands for “Pops Junior” ?  

“The Better Generation”

When we speak about marking a milestone, P.J. Tucker has done exactly that plus more. From embracing Houston to impacting the community, Tucker has created “The Better Generation” that will forever leave a staple in the Greater Houston Area! 

In our next question, Raquel Marie peeled back the layers and asked Tucker : “How are you feeling, knowing that you’re providing this amazing establishment for the community of Houston?” 

“I am a transplant Houstonian, I feel like I am Houston yet I wasn’t born here. I went to school at the University of Texas and spent so much time in Houston. Now, years and years later, after coming here for so long, it’s only right that I do a shoe store here… I love Houston so much and Houston has done so much for me… the people, the city…..and I feel like it’s something the community needs.”  – P.J. Tucker 

“What If….?”   

We all go through phases and or pivots in our life that unravel the embodiment of our character and the things we love… During the interview, Raquel Maire asked Tucker if sports played a factor in his involvement within fashion… 

“I think if I wasn’t in sports, I would be even more in fashion. I’ve always been in fashion, and it’s crazy because I didn’t know that I was in fashion before I was in it. It was one of those things where I cared about it so much and so early that I didn’t realize it was the fashion I cared about…” –  P.J. Tucker 

{#FACTS} : Did you know that P.J. Tucker has won an NBA Championship with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021, along with overseas championships including the Israeli Super League in 2008 and the German League in 2012? 

Be Yourself!   

One piece of advice that inspires me on a daily basis is to truly be yourself! In the close of our interview, Tucker shared key advice for those who are currently in the league, aspiring to be in the league, or just those who have a feel for fashion…

“Be comfortable with yourself and enjoy it…that’s the thing about all of this… it’s so much hype around stuff and people trying to get certain things but for me, it’s more about getting the stuff you love, wearing it, enjoying it and having fun…” – P.J. Tucker 

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