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“Trust Your Work” with Davion Mitchell
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“Trust Your Work” with Davion Mitchell

Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles had the opportunity to interview with first round draft pick, Davion Mitchel of the Sacramento Kings.

Stylish yet Inconspicuous

When any outfit speaks for itself, it’s an indication that it was styled to perfection. Speaking for itself may represent talking out loud or conversing cautiously. Raquel Marie of Fashion League Styles popped off Mitchell’s interview with asking:

“What Makes You Unique?” 

“I just don’t follow anyone, it’s my own style. I like to wear different colors and match them with my shoes. I really don’t get anything too loud either, some people get a little too loud, but that’s not me.” – Davion Mitchell

“Trust Your Work”

In order to be successful and reach your fullest potential, you have to believe in yourself. Trust the journey and master the work during the process.Raquel Marie went behind the seam with Mitchell as he shared insight about his brand…

I have a brand called “Trust Your Work”. It’s something I live by and everyone knows that. I also have episodes on youtube called “Trust Your Work.” – Davion Mitchell

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Tunnel Fits

Not everyone likes the idea of wearing jeans majority of the time. In this case, Mitchell doesn’t either. During our interview, Raquel Marie asked: 

“When it comes to your tunnel fits, what’s your goto feel?” 

“I’m not a jeans guy so probably some sweatpants, graphic tee and some nice shoes.  “I’m not a big jewelry guy either,  I’ll have a little bit on but nothing too crazy.Davion Mitchell

Favorite Brand

“I would have to say Palm Angels because their sweat pants go with a lot of fits, t-shirts but that’s probably it…” Davion Mitchell

Play to Win

In the midst of discussing this upcoming season, Mitchell expressed his dedication and gave insight on what we should expect from him…

“A lot of consistent shooting, a better leader, team player and a guy that wants to win.” Davion Mitchell

Put in Work 

“What advice would you give any rookie who’s entering the league and how should they prepare for the fashion spectrum?”

“What I live by is just, “Trust Your Work”. If you put in the work, all you have to do is just trust it and everything will play out for itself.” Davion Mitchell

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